About Paul “Coach” Wade

Paul Wade spent 19 years in hell holes like San Quentin, Angola and Marion. He entered this world a gangly, terrorized weakling and he graduated to final freedom, pound-for-pound one of the strongest humans on the planet. Paul Wade dedicated his prison life to the cultivation of that supreme survival strength. And ironically, it is in America’s prisons that we can find some of the great, lost secrets of how to get immensely powerful and strong. Paul Wade mined these secrets as if his life depended on it—and of course in many ways it did.

Finally free, Paul Wade pays his “debt to society”—not just with the horrors of his years in the hole—but with the greatest gift he could possibly give us: a priceless set of programs that can take ANYONE who has the will from abject weakling to strength specimen extraordinaire. Paul Wade’s titles include the landmark bestseller Convict Conditioning and the follow up, Convict Conditioning 2, plus the Convict Conditioning Ultimate Bodyweight Training Log.

Paul Wade is also the author of five DVD/manual programs: Convict Conditioning Volume 1: The Prison Pushup Series, Convict Conditioning Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course, Convict Conditioning Volume 3: Leg Raises Six-pack from Hell, Convict Conditioning Volume 4: Advanced Bridging Forging an Iron Spine, Convict Conditioning Volume 5: Maximum Strength The One Arm Pullup Series.

About Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is the lead instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. Recognized worldwide for his amazing bodyweight feats of strength as well as his unique coaching style, Al is the author of five books, including the Dragon Door bestsellers Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics and Pushing The Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment. Read more about Al on his

About Danny Kavadlo

Danny Kavadlo, Master PCC, is a Personal Trainer in New York City. He’s worked with hundreds of clients, including athletes, models, and celebrities, and is the author of Everybody Needs Training. He is featured in the Convict Conditioning Series & Raising the Bar, and is known globally as a motivator & leader in the calisthenics community. Learn more about Danny at:

About Adrienne Harvey

Adrienne Harvey, PCC Team Leader, has been active in the Dragon Door community since becoming RKC Certified in October of 2010 and RKC-2 Certified in July of 2011.   However, finding Convict Conditioning was nothing short of a total game changer.  Progressive Calisthenics and simple powerful tools like kettlebells have been absolutely crucial in her quest for fitness, and with that of her clients and group fitness class members.  Developing workouts, recipes, and strategies to further support performance, body composition, and general enjoyment is another passion.  Go to for more information about Adrienne.

About Angelo Gala

Angelo Gala, RKC / PCC Team Leader, has been a fitness professional in the Boston area for greater than 11 years. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NCSA, and has studied the Pranavayu system of yoga under David Magone.  He is a Dharma friend at the Sakya Center of Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA where he completed a 1 year intensive study of Mangalam Yantra Yoga under the guidance of Lama Migmar Tseten. Go to for more information about Angelo.

About Logan Christopher

Logan Christopher has been called a physical culture renaissance man as he is accomplished in a wide range of strength skills from kettlebell juggling, performing strongman stunts, and bodyweight exercises. He is the author of numerous books including Secrets of the Handstand and The Master Keys to Strength & Fitness. In addition, he’s spent the last several years going deep into mental training to find out what it takes to really excel and tactics that can help people instantly improve their exercises. You can find out more about this at


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