PCC Recap: 2014

by Al Kavadlo on December 16, 2014

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PCC Holland with Al and Danny Kavadlo

2014 has been a landmark year for the PCC and things are only getting bigger!

In the first full calendar year of PCC, we held 9 certification events and tested over 200 candidates, visiting 6 different countries on 3 separate continents along the way. Personal records were shattered, friendships were formed and lives were forever changed. (Perhaps mine more than anyone else’s!)

John Du Cane, Al Kavaldo, Danny Kavadlo, Adrienne Harvey

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to meet and work out with other like-minded calisthenics enthusiasts from so many different places. I am proud to say there are now certified PCC coaches all over the world!

Al and Cecelia Tom Clutch Flag at the PCC

The calisthenics movement continues to grow and grow. Next year we have confirmed 11 more PCC events through the end of September (we will likely still add one or two more for October-December).

In 2015 we’ll be visiting unchartered land as well as returning to some familiar territory. Here is the line-up for the new year:

January 23-25, 2015 – PCC in Encinitas, CA

February 27 – March 1, 2015 – PCC in Mountain View, CA

March 27-29, 2015 – PCC in Minneapolis, MN

Mini Group Photo MN PCC Workshop

April 17-19, 2015 – PCC in Munich, Germany

April 24-26, 2015 – PCC in Alessandria, Italy

May 1-3, 2015 – PCC in Dundalk, Ireland

May 15-17, 2015 – PCC in Dallas, TX

Mini Group Photo Germany PCC

June 5-7, 2015 – PCC in NYC

July 31- Aug. 2, 2015 – PCC in Alexandria, VA

Sept 11-13, 2015 – PCC in Haarlem, Holland

Sept 18-20, 2015 – PCC in Chicago, IL

Hope to see you there! We’re Working Out!



About Al Kavadlo: Al Kavadlo is the lead instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. Recognized worldwide for his amazing bodyweight feats of strength as well as his unique coaching style, Al is the author of three books, including Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics and Pushing The Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment. Read more about Al on his website:www.AlKavadlo.com.

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My Mind-Blowing PCC Experience

by Lori Crock on December 9, 2014

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Lori With Al And Danny Kavadlo PCC

At the Chicago RKC-II earlier this year, one of the participants caught my eye when she did a move called “skin-the-cat”. She was showing us a bit of what she learned at the PCC.

She was doing some really athletic moves, and I love to climb and do pull-ups, so I decided I have to attend the PCC to learn how to incorporate more calisthenics into my training and into my classes.

I registered for the Milwaukee PCC Workshop this past November and gave myself a couple months to prepare. I was doing a lot of mobility work so I’d be able to do as much as possible at the certification event.

I practiced the Century Test weekly. And then I did what any woman would do. Reach out to another woman, or two, for advice.

I contacted Senior PCC Instructor Adrienne Harvey to look at my Century Test technique. I sent her some video of me practicing and she coached me on my knee pushup technique (I don’t usually do knee pushups) and she helped me refine my Australian pull-ups, which were also new to me.

PCC Instructor Grace Menendez gave me some mobility drills to do for bridging and elbow levers. Her tip to practice bridging on the stability ball daily really helped improve my spinal mobility.

As I began to experiment with other moves, I realized, and Adrienne confirmed this, that many calisthenics moves can take a long time to achieve!

I admit that I was a little nervous. I could only do handstands and headstands against the wall. I discovered that I had limited internal shoulder rotation when I began trying elbow levers on my own—that usually resulted in face plants! I wasn’t able to do a full bridge even though I was working on it with spinal mobility.

I referred to PCC Lead instructor Al Kavadlo’s books to prepare: Pushing the Limits, Stretching Your Boundaries, and Raising the Bar. I set aside two days a week to train calisthenics. It wasn’t easy to put my kettlebells down.

Interestingly, on my kettlebell training days, I was moving with more ease than I remembered. Could it be the calisthenics? (Two weeks after the PCC, I had a PR on the two-arm swing—56kg for five reps—I credit the addition of calisthenics training.)

As a gym owner, and kettlebell coach, my job is to identify weaknesses in my students and help them get stronger. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

I had to do the same with my own body. Things weren’t happening as fast as I wanted them to. It was humbling, but I continued to move, stretch and practice.

Once I arrived in Milwaukee, it all came together.

Lori Crock Support Press At PCC

Achieving personal bests was something we all experienced, daily, for three days. It was pretty unbelievable. It will sound corny, but the PCC environment was, well, magical. With patient practice, and varied cues from five coaches, amazing things were happening for all of us–yes, even those new to calisthenics.

If we couldn’t achieve a move right then, there was always a regression to set us on a clear path.

Some of us were just beginning our calisthenics journey, while others were doing very advanced moves under the careful guidance of the PCC instructors. Even the instructors were achieving PRs as they demonstrated for us!

It didn’t matter where we were on our calisthenics journey; the PCC environment was both safe and exhilarating. We reveled in the advancements of others almost more than our own. The instructors and PCC candidates were inspiring and patient and I am proud to call them my friends and mentors.

Lori Crock and Desi at the PCC

I learned a new way of thinking about fitness … and it has a lot to do with more freedom in my training–thanks to Al and Danny, John Du Cane, the PCC instructor team and my peers at the PCC.

I am having a blast incorporating calisthenics into my small classes with what seems like a million variations of squats, pushups, pull-ups and inversions… along with consistent mobility work.

I continue to practice calisthenics on my own. Since I’ve been home, I can now skin-the-cat! I am doing handstands and headstands away from the wall. I am doing pushups with the Neuro-Grips, frog stands, one-handed chin-ups, full bridges and more.

So if the PCC looks a little advanced for you right now, some preparation doesn’t hurt, but don’t hesitate to sign up. It is a mind-blowing experience that will push your limits, stretch your boundaries and raise the bar.


Lori Crock is an RKC Team Leader, PCC, FMS-II MCT-II who is a strength and movement coach and owner of MoveStrong Kettlebells in Columbus, Ohio. Lori teaches kettlebell classes at her gym, in the schools, with police officers and city employees. She continues to be inspired by the commitment and progress of her students. Lori can be reached at lori@movestrongkbs.com and on Facebook.

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Meditative Movements

December 2, 2014

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Hill Training

November 25, 2014

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Conquering the Century Test

November 18, 2014

The Century Test is the climax of every Progressive Calisthenics Certification event. After three days of intense training, the Century is the only opportunity for prospective candidates to prove their mettle and earn the title of PCC Instructor. While helping Al and Danny teach at several PCC workshops, I’ve noticed the same common issues continually […]

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Happy Days At PCC Milwaukee

November 11, 2014

It’s no secret that since its inception just over one year ago, the Progressive Calisthenics Certification has grown and grown, gaining strength, momentum and community as the days go by. After all, the first rule of PCC is you DO talk about PCC; it’s good to see we’re all doing our jobs! For our twelfth […]

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November 4, 2014

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October 28, 2014

My inbox has been overflowing. People email me about abs more than anything else… more than tattoos or even human flag! It’s no surprise. Abs fascinate us on a cultural level. Always have. In fact, even those who don’t work out are often obsessed with abs. Abs are everywhere in pop culture, from billboards to […]

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Europe’s Most Wanted

October 21, 2014

This October has been a groundbreaking month for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification. For the first time ever, two PCC workshops took place on consecutive weekends, both overseas – and both a rollicking success! The PCC family continues to grow and grow. The passion for calisthenics transcends intercontinental boundaries. First, we conducted our inaugural workshop in […]

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Convict Conditioning 3: Explosive Calisthenics

October 14, 2014

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