Ask Al: GET STRONG Edition

by Al Kavadlo on July 11, 2017

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Ask Al Get Strong Edition

Since the release of our latest book, GET STRONG, my brother Danny and I have gotten a lot of feedback on our new program. It seems that you guys are loving the book!

Even though the program takes 16 weeks to complete – and it’s barely been two months since the release – many of you are writing to tell us that you’re already experiencing gains in muscle and strength. Awesome!

We’ve also been getting a lot questions about the GET STRONG program. Though we did our best to explain everything as clearly as possible in the book, there are a few concerns that have been raised more than once.

That’s why I’ve created this special “Ask Al” video.

In it I address:

–What to do if you’re having trouble kicking into a handstand

–How to alter the hanging leg raise if you’re too tall to fully extend your legs

–The correct way to sequence your exercises

–How to incorporate Aussie pull-ups into the program

Let us know if you have additional questions or feedback about the program in the comments below.


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  • Great book and a great Q&A! Always gold to be mined in a Ask Al episode.

    I love Aussies (or inverted rows as I call them) and they are never out of my programming as long as I have a setup for them. I usually intentionally do more pulls than pushes to try to combat days of laptop work.

    Get Strong!!

    • Thanks, Carl! I agree with you about Aussie pull-ups and appreciate your continued support!

      • As long as you and Danny keep on putting out top quality, no nonsense information you’ll have a supporter for life! 😉

  • Timmy James

    Hey Al and Danny… not sure if this has been asked before. Been thinking of getting my wife to do the program. At the moment though, she’s working and staying at a different town than I am. Where she’s at, she does not have access to any pull-up bars. In this instance, how do we substitute exercises which requires pull-up bars?


    • Hi Timmy! The Get Strong program doesn’t require much, but it does require a pull-up bar. If your wife is looking for a program that can be done with no equipment at all, you’ll want to get her my book Pushing The Limits:

  • Matt Schifferle

    Always love watching your ask Al vids. Short and to the point with practical info.

    • Thanks, Matt! We’re Working Out! 🙂

  • George Hissung

    Hi Al, i’ve been following your GET STRONG BOOK and it’s great. I have had 4 shoulder surgeries and have a question about the wall handstands. I’m in the third phase on the second week and holding the handstand is very difficult. Could you give me some advise on strengthening my shoulders. I can hold the handstand for the first set but the second set is very difficult.

    • Keep at it! Handstands are tough but you will improve with continued practice. 🙂

      • George Hissung

        Thank you.

  • Tillmann Jacobi

    Hi Al, I am getting somewhat “stuck” in the program, even just in the first month! This is due to a shoulder issue, which affects me progressing with the hangs at the expected rate (initially I only managed 5 (!) seconds at a time for three rounds, because it hurt beyond that; now, after five weeks, I am at at 1×35,1×30,1×20 seconds, but can’t see any scope yet to get beyond 40, even if only once).

    All other exercises are fine.

    Do I really need to wait till I get up to the 60 seconds hanging (which could take me another month or so!) and “tread water” with the other exercises, which are no problem, or would it be okay to start with several exercises of the second phase? Cheers!

    • Going from a 5 second hang to a 35 second hang in 5 weeks is serious progress! You should feel good about that. As for your question, I do not generally recommend moving ahead until you can pass the Phase 1 test, but in your case, if you want to create a hybrid of the first two phases that suits your strengths and weakness, you have my blessing to do so. 🙂

      • Tillmann Jacobi

        many thanks! You are right: it has been good progress in a sense, even if the poor start felt somewhat “lame” at first – but that is an unnecessary ego-issue…! The program is actually apparently helping the shoulder to loosen up and get better over time, which is a good thing (it is not so much a problem of plain muscle strength, but muscle function – that is what is part of the frustration).
        Will check out options for a possible hybrid on this particular / special occasion.
        Thank you for your wonderful work, you are Ace!

        • Tillmann Jacobi

          P.S. I actually managed all the goals for the first week of Phase 2 right at the first training session! 😉
          But I will repeat them for the week as per the schedule, to consolidate etc.
          The shoulder continues to improve!

  • Nico

    Hey Kavadlo boys,

    I’m currently still doing the CC program, but definitely planning on trying the get strong program.

    I do have a question, about head bridges: I’ve been working hard on getting a perfect bridge.
    Straightening both my arms and legs, but on the negative of the movement I’m losing “traction”
    I feel like my hands are sliding.
    I already tried a different surface.
    And I wash my hands before each set, but I still feel my hands slowly sliding away.
    More then anything, it really messes with my confidence (Slamming head first in to the floor)

    Any of you have an answer to my problem?

    • Hey hey hey, Nico! It may be an issue of grip strength and/or mobility in your wrists and or shoulders/upper back.

      I know you’ve tried a lot of surfaces but have you tried using a yoga mat?

      • Nico

        Hey Al,

        thanks for the quick response, I do have an exercise mat but it keeps sliding on the floor.
        I looked it up, and it seems like yoga mat’s are much more “grippy” so, definitely going to give that a shot. I am practicing bridge holds and twists on a daily basis I think this should take care of any mobility issues.
        Horizontal pulls and leg raises will fix any grip deficit.

        Thanks a lot Al, I’m confident that I will keep improving.


        • Barzuma

          I have the same problem, and I’m currently shopping for a children play mat, the ones made from rubber-like material. They are usually larger than a yoga mat.

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