Europe’s Most Wanted

by Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo on October 21, 2014

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Danny Al Ferris Wheel Europe PCC Workshops

This October has been a groundbreaking month for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification. For the first time ever, two PCC workshops took place on consecutive weekends, both overseas – and both a rollicking success! The PCC family continues to grow and grow. The passion for calisthenics transcends intercontinental boundaries.

First, we conducted our inaugural workshop in The Netherlands at Trainingscentrum Helena in Haarlem, Holland. Hosted by the #1 Krav Maga instructor in the world (outside of Israel), Martijn Bos, our premiere event in The Netherlands resulted in new calisthenics achievements from each and every attendee!

Support Press Holland PCC

Human flags, muscle-ups and elbow levers were all fair game for participants, as were handstands, archer pull-ups and back levers. Every single person who came to PCC Holland achieved at least one personal best. It’s an exciting experience to witness firsthand the birth of such excellence!

Europe PCC Muscle-Up

Knowledge was shared, friendships were formed and new PCC instructors now walk among us. The solidarity and kinship among the newest members of the PCC family is a heartwarming thing to behold. As usual, it was hard to say goodbye at the end of the whirlwind weekend!

PCC Group Photo Holland 2014

There was little time to relish in the success, however, as we soon headed over to Sweden to conduct our second PCC event in Gothenburg. The momentum of groundbreaking achievements that began in Holland didn’t slow down one bit once we arrived in the land of the midnight sun. Positivity breeds positivity, and the Sweden crew proved it. Some of the most recognizable faces from the international street workout team Barstarzz even showed up to earn their Progressive Calisthenics Certifications!

PCC Sweden 2014 Barstarzz

The fierce calisthenics vikings of Gothenburg continued in the tradition of previous PCC classes by smashing personal bests, inspiring one another and having a blast the whole time! We love our job!

PCC Sweden L-Sit on Danny and Al

Now that we are back in the States, it’s hard to believe how quickly it all went; time flies when you’re having fun! The good news is, we get to do it all over again next month! PCC wraps up the 2014 season with a return to the good ol’ USA. Our final event of the year will take place at Drench Fitness in Milwaukee, WI on November 7-9. Spots are still open for this event. Go sign up right now!

And for our European fans, do not fret! You will have three opportunities to attend the PCC next spring when we come to Germany, Italy and Ireland on three consecutive weekends!

No matter where we go, spreading the joy of calisthenics is fresh and exciting every time! We can’t wait to see YOU at our next event!

PCC Group Photo Sweden 2014



About Al and Danny Kavadlo:

Al Kavadlo is the lead instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. Recognized worldwide for his amazing bodyweight feats of strength as well as his unique coaching style, Al is the author of three books, including Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics and Pushing The Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment. Read more about Al on his

Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s most established and respected personal trainers. He is a Master Instructor of Progressive Calisthenics and the author of Everybody Needs Training: Proven Success Secrets for the Professional Fitness Trainer. A true in-person experience, Danny is known globally as a motivator and leader in the body-weight community. Learn more about Danny at:

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  • Does anyone reading this REALLY want to give themselves the Christmas gift of a lifetime, and jack up their strength, power and bodyweight skills by an UNBELIEVABLE amount..?

    Then you know what to do: put your dollars in the hat, and sign up for the Milkwaukee PCC today.

    I’m not kidding…if you could see the feedback I got from these certs, with what the Kavadlos can do, plus all my training knowledge thrown in, you’d make that investment right now. And it IS an investment, not just for your training, but your family, for your bank account. I’ve seen first-hand how this course helps trainers and coaches ramp up their income: it’s like dynamite, bodyweight is THAT hot right now!

    All of you reading this who have yearned for your bodyweight “black belt” but never stepped up, NOW is the time! We are ALL here to make sure you excel.

    You cannot fail!!!

    • Rodolfo Oliveira

      Too bad I am thirteen hours by flight away from that Coach! I am eager to attend to one of these!

    • Rodolfo Oliveira

      Coach, is there any direct e-mail to you or to John Du Cane? I have something in my mind that I wish to share with you! It is kinda business related so I don’t wanna post it publicly.

  • martymonster

    Hi Boys,
    Looks like it was a blast. Love the picture of you two being the pillars for that lovely ladies L-sit.
    Slight change of topic and a question for DannyK. Hey man, when are you bringing out that book on ‘Diamond Cut Abs’?

    • dannykavadlo

      Hey Martymonster,
      Thanks for the kind words. Actually, DIAMOND-CUT ABS should be out any day now. Perhaps even by the end of this week. It’s a very exciting time!

      • martymonster

        Sweet! That’s going on my Happy Birthday Marty list!

        • Rodolfo Oliveira

          Your b-day is near too? Mine was the day of the post!

          • martymonster

            On the 17th. But I see no good reason why there shouldn’t be an on-going period of celebration.

          • Rodolfo Oliveira

            Well me neither brother! Let’s party all month long with this new book! I already got mine!

          • martymonster

            And I just got mine! Read long and prosper. Remember a giant pulsating mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      • Rodolfo Oliveira

        It looks like I’m going to get a birthday gift from Dragon Door after all!

  • Matt Schifferle

    The best thing about the PCC is that it gets you out of the mediocre and mundane views of body weight training. It’s the first time I was ever around a large group of people who were willing to go way above and beyond the classic push up and pull up. You can read and watch videos on line about advanced moves, but your mind doesn’t fully let it all sink in for that essential level of understanding until you experience it first hand. That’s what I got from the PCC. I had been struggling to get my first muscle up for years but it took being in a room full of people who consider it “normal” to finally throw the mental switch and get my first one. That’s why I believe there are so many PRs and firsts at each PCC. It’s the instructors and the people there that make a huge difference you just can’t get any other way.

    • Matt, this is probably the best communication of that special energy of the PCC workshops I’ve seen yet, thanks for sharing that here! 🙂

    • You have a way with words, my friend! There is no substitute for the in-person experience of PCC!

    • dannykavadlo

      Thanks Matt. Always great to hear from you amigo!

  • nico

    The experience was amazing, the positive and supportive atmosphere fostered by Al and Danny, coupled with the wealth of information and attention to detail brings the best out of people…I can honestly say I have never experienced an event like that before! I’m already sure that when I look back in a few years I will still view attending the PCC very fondly, and as a very important moment in my life and my journey of “building a better version of myself”.
    Al, Danny, Paul and John: You guys are awesome! You’re not only helping people live stronger and healthier, you’re changing their lives! Keep it up!

    • Right on, Nico! So glad to have met you! We’re Working Out!

    • dannykavadlo

      Nico you are too kind. It was a pleasure to meet you. Keep training hard my friend!

  • Mohammed

    Greetings, Kavadlo brothers!

    I cannot wait to attend a PCC event. Right now, I can do a total of 25 pushups but that’s broken up into about 10, 5, 5, 5. That’s at a tempo of 2-1-2, so I’m sure I could do more if I went slightly faster. Also, 6 or 7 chinups. Squats I can handle. Still working on leg raise series. All in all, I’d say I was about a quarter of the way there, since those numbers are on separate days and when I’m fresh.

    When are you guys coming to England? Any idea when next year that’ll be? Just so I have a goal to work towards.

    Danny, you have a chapter named “The Mud and The Blood and The Beer” in Diamond-Cut Abs. Is that a reference to Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue?

    • dannykavadlo

      Hey Mohammed,
      Congrats on those pushups, pull-ups and squats! A foundation of the basics in supremely important. We are very much looking forward to visiting England but this season is booked up. You should attend the PCC in Ireland this fall. And, yes, “The Mud And The Blood And The Beer” is in fact a tribute to the original Man In Black. Glad you’re paying attention. I also quote Cash’s “The Legend Of John Henry’s Hammer” in my first book, Everybody Needs Training. Rock n roll!

      • Mohammed

        Thanks, Danny!

        PCC Ireland in May 2015 may just be doable. EasyJet or Ryan Air should take care of transport without killing my pocket. Gotta work harder, though! To become a PCC certified trainer and pass the Century is one of my main goals.

        What else should I do to become good enough to become a personal trainer in general? Is it necessary to have knowledge of weight training or can one specialise in bodyweight instruction only?

        I’m just a regular guy finishing off his studies and not as strong as other people, yet. At almost 28, is it too late?

        • Rodolfo Oliveira

          It is NEVER too late Mohammed my brother! Consider me in the same sticky situation as yours! 28 and yet to finish my studies! You should consider throwing at least some kettlebell and unconventional weights at your practice to broaden your costumer reach, but if you do a market research and find a bunch of calisthenics maniacs like us here in the blog, then I think the PCC will be about enough!

          • Sean ;-)


            28 and too late?! jesus man, there are 72yr old men learning…sorry practicing the Iron Cross on rings. Did you happen to see the vid Coach posted on a power lifter doing the same? Not a safe or easy task. YOU have no excuses with all that youth. Second, can you specialise in bodyweight? one look at the pic at the top of this blog should answer that for you….all you need is a dream and the vision to make it real. Plenty here I’m sure to help advise you along the way. Good Luck.

          • Mohammed

            Thanks for the encouragement, Sean. I’ll think more positively from now!
            I guess what I meant by specialisation was that it seems normal for people to do “normal” personal training before specialising. Just as the Kavadlo brothers did. But with calisthenics more widely recognised now, yes, the road is clearer.

          • Sean ;-)

            You betcha friend I get it and yes stil believe one could start with BW training. If thats your passion it will show with those you work with and word of mouth will do the rest. That being said, no one would say starve while trying to build that road. Do what you have to to pay those bills until the dream becomes reality. It may take a bit of marketing on your part to help people understand what you know to be true already, and you have time on your side right now. You will gain respect by putting your time in the trenches. Show them by doing it that BW can be respected as a legitamate form of exercise. If you look at training with fighters where weight classes are important BW strength and conditiioning is an important piece. They can’t afford to gain nor lose too much weight to stay in their class. Earn a physiotherapy degree and put your knowledge of correct BW progressions to work healing others. Many ways to skin this cat. Get out there and get your hands dirty, keep an open mind, learn from others, stay humble…..

          • Mohammed

            Thanks, Rodolfo.

            Studying is taking it’s toll, timewise, hehe! What you studying? Is it research-based?

          • Rodolfo Oliveira

            Mine is coursework. But as it is half time it is taking longer then I wished. If yours is research-based then you really are a warrior my friend.

  • Vasily K.

    It makes me sad that there is no chance getting an PCC-event in my country. Hope you guys have a lot of fun there! Keep spreading this bodyweight revolution and we will become strongest athletes of the world to shame those bodybuilders and powerlifters with beauty of calisthenics physique and raw power of calisthenics bodies. Hip-hip-hooray! 😀
    Respect from Belarus.
    Vasily K.

    • Rodolfo Oliveira

      Hey Vasily brother! Once again I feel ya! If Belarus is out of reach then I also should lose hope… Brazil is way too far from everything… but I don’t lose hope and neither should you! Even if I build up a Calisthenics gym just to host the Kavadlos, there will be a PCC in my city! Cheers bro!

  • Sean ;-)

    Hey Danny,

    Just picked up your new book Diamond Cut Abs as soon as I got the notice. Great read so far, can’t say you guys ever disappoint. Awesome idea for that pic of you in the batman mask. Quick question, when I read one of Al’s books he mentioned about that rig you built out of scaffolding with 1.5 inch pipe. I made home unit out of 1.5 galvanized as a result of reading that and have been doing my pull up work on that. What size of bar do you test on for the century? Due to the extra grip work involved reps tend to be less for the most part( speaking for myself). Do you find that strength built on a thicker bar translates to higher reps on thinner ones? I find I can push out a few more reps but I don’t test this often and have been focusing on the thicker bar. Wondering if I’m holding myself back by not training more reps with less focus on grip? Thanks for any input…

    • dannykavadlo

      Hey Sean,
      TheI do find that strength on a thick bar translates into more power on a thin bar, within limits. I wouldn’t say you’re holding yourself back necessarily, but training for POWER and REPS are both good practices.

  • Paul D Paradis

    Hi Danny,

    Currently reading through Diamond Cut Abs on download. Will be picking up a physical copy when I get paid next. Anyway, you and your brother are a continual source of inspiration as I work my way through the big six and everything in volume 2 of CC. Gonna see about adding in some supplemental ab work. Thanks a lot for putting your knowledge out there. I hope to meet you at PCC sometime in the near future. Cheers!!!!

    • dannykavadlo

      Thanks for the comment Paul!!!! We’d love to see you at PCC!

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