Lost in Austin: Progressive Calisthenics in the Lone Star State

by Danny Kavadlo on October 2, 2018

PCC Austin 2018 Human Flag

The last time that my brother Al Kavadlo and I rolled into Texas was back in 2015. It was also the last time the Lone Star State had hosted a Progressive Calisthenics Certification. It had been too long…

A lot has happened between then and now. Our latest Dragon Door title (and the only one to provide a definitive 16-week program) GET STRONG went to #1 on the Amazon charts. We also released our “calisthenics encyclopedia” of sorts, Street Workout: A Worldwide Anthology Of Urban Calisthenics.  We’ve been busy!

And speaking of “worldwide”, in addition to the many PCC certifications throughout these great States, we’ve also had the privilege of instructing numerous workshops in Europe, Asia and even Australia. Between then and now, the PCC family has gotten even bigger!

In fact, last week in Austin was very much indeed a family affair… literally!

The father/daughter team of Mark Walker and Julia Harris proved their mettle as they re-certified and certified, respectively. They cheered each other on all weekend and ultimately smashed the Century! Also in attendance was calisthenics-couple Joe and Kristy Agan, who celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary by attending PCC! Happy Anniversary guys—Joe’s first flag (pictured above) is our gift to you!

The father/daughter team of Mark Walker and Julia Harris.

The father/daughter team of Mark Walker and Julia Harris.

There were multiple PR’s over the course of this two-day event. It was truly an amazing thing to behold. The calisthenics killers of Capital City popped pistols, pressed push-ups and muscled-up high. There was even a first time stand-to-stand bridge in the group. There is something about the exquisite energy of a motivated and passionate team that cannot be replicated. It must be felt firsthand.

Al Leading Pushups

At the end of the day, what really made this PCC special was the experience: That feeling of being surrounded by like-minded individuals—us “freaks and geeks” of fitness—training, learning and living life together. That’s where the bonds grow; it’s the magic of calisthenics and community.

There are three more Progressive Calisthenics Certifications scheduled for 2018 in three spectacular cities: New York, Amsterdam and Shanghai. I hope to see you there! If Austin is an indicator, then you don’t want to miss these. HELLYEAH!

Austin PCC Workshop 2018

The posse’s getting bigger,


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