PCC Germany: Rock You Like A Hurricane

by Danny Kavadlo on April 21, 2015

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Danny At PCC Germany 2015

Here I am. Munich’s second Progressive Calisthenics Certification workshop. It seems like only moments ago, my brother and PCC Lead Instructor Al Kavadlo and I traveled to KRABA, one of the most spectacular training facilities in the world, to deliver Germany’s first ever PCC. Well, history repeats itself and our second event in “The Fatherland” proved to be just as awe-inspiring as the first.

Bodyweight enthusiasts, professional trainers, students of movement and teachers of strength came together to change the world… one pull-up at a time! PCC is never your typical certification. Our group was hungry and focused, eager yet humble. Not to mention passionate. My kinda people!

PCC Germany 2015 Group Photo

This crew came from far and wide. Bodyweight beasts from nine countries in all were represented: In addition to Deutschland and the United States, those in attendance hailed from Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France and Croatia. There were even participants who traveled from Egypt and Abu Dhabi! This event may have been the greatest calisthenics cultural mecca I’ve ever personally witnessed—the experience of a lifetime! Highlights included over 25% of PCC attendees executing a muscle-up for the first time!

Muscle Up PR at Germany PCC

If you think that’s amazing, then how about this? 24 out of 26 achieved their first clutch flag; we even had some first press flags! And that was just Day One! The following days saw record numbers of L-sits, dragon flags and pistol squats. There were even a few gecko bridges in the mix!

Gecko Bridge Germany PCC

History was made and personal bests were shattered again and again –but the solidarity amongst us was the most amazing thing of all.

There’s no one like the PCC candidate. It’s a very special person to forgo the tired, beaten path of modern, conventional fitness and aspire to inspire (and perspire) in the wild bodyweight kingdom. No equipment ­– just us! It’s time to accept that this new breed of fitness professionals is here to stay. The winds of change, if you will.

Scorpion At Germany PCC

Al and I are keeping busy. PCC makes its debut in Italy this weekend. May and June sees the PCC coming to Dallas, New York City and the then back to Europe for the UK’s first PCC. I can’t wait to see YOU there!

Keep the dream alive.



Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s foremost authorities on calisthenics, nutrition and personal training. He is the author of the Dragon Door titles Diamond-Cut Abs and Everybody Needs Training. Danny is known for his minimalist philosophy, simple approach and motivational talents.

A true in-person experience, Danny is a Master Instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. He has been featured in the NY Times, TRAIN, Men’s Fitness and is a regular contributor to Bodybuilding.com. Learn more about Danny at www.DannyTheTrainer.com

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  • George Corso

    Great write up Danny! Sounds like a extremely strong group! Congratulations to everyone! Welcome to the PCC!

    • dannykavadlo

      Right on George!

  • Frank Delventhal

    Fair warning: if you go to a PCC you will be helplessly addicted to calisthenics
    if you do not go you will curse yourself for not experiencing that.
    The spirit is unmatched and you will ascent to new abilities and understanding of your own body.
    Prepare yourself and be not afraid. Look at me I failed the century by the last pull-up (rest was relaxingly easy for me). But you know what? I trained my butt of to redo the century in the given time. That failure made me a better athlete and finally I passed the test. Being the proudest monkey on the bar. Please do it better than me. There are very good articles about the century test on the PCC-Blog. Passing the century is just the icing on the cake, you will take a fire with you … my PCC is a year ago and the fire burns now even hotter. So ignite your flame, too.

    • dannykavadlo

      RIGHT ON FRANK!!! Ignite the flame! Couldn’t a said it better myself.

  • Brad Sadl

    I’m really looking forward to Alexandria! Sounds like a great time!! m/

    • George Corso

      Brad your gonna love it! I went last year and it was such an experience, not to mention both Al and Danny are not only amazing instructors but great people. I had an amazing time then at the PCC

    • dannykavadlo

      Cant wait to meet you, bro, and welcome you the family!

  • martymonster

    Hi Danny, Love the enthusiasm. Love that gecko bridge photo. Strong!

    • dannykavadlo

      HELLYEAH!!! Nora, the young lady rocking the gecko bridge in the photo was also a pull-up machine. She nearly rocked a full press flag too!

  • Go damn, that’s a good-lookin bunch of athletes…

    I salute them all!

    • dannykavadlo

      I know, right!!!! What a thrill to be there. It was a weekend none of us will ever forget!

  • I had my heart bleeding as I couldn´t come to Munich due to the fact I couldn´t afford it. But I do will come as soon as possible! I love this awesome community and I would be infinitely proud of being part of this awesome bunch of badasses like John, Paul, Danny and Al and all the others…Big shout to you and congratulations for all who made it this time!!

    • dannykavadlo

      Hey Norman,
      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to have you as part of the community! We will definitely be returning to Munich in 2016. Hope to see YOU there!!!

  • IvanR

    Wow, tiger bent pushups, L-sit muscle-up!?! (like HFK?) and a gecko bridge hold, awesome!

  • Igor Stroganov

    Hey Al, I’ve a question here about bridging. It’s difficult for me to access my technique myself, so if it’s possible, could you look at these photos and tell me if I’m doing it right or wrong? I do about 12 head bridges (CC book), but my back can do more. Legs and arms just stop supporting me after 11-12 repeats.

    • Looks like you are off to a good start! Work on fully extending your elbows and pressing your chest out over your wrists. You should attend a future PCC event so we can give you more help! 🙂

      • Igor Stroganov

        So that’s in general is a good form? Ok, I had the same thought when I looked at the photos – to move chest higher. Is the distance between hands and feet ok?
        Yeah, I want to attend one, the only difficulty is that you don’t come to Russia to provide such seminars, though I do believe an audience here will be happy. I’ll try to follow some European seminar in Autumn. Thanks!

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