PCC New York: A Very Special Homecoming

by Danny Kavadlo on June 21, 2016

Kavadlo Family

Every single Progressive Calisthenics Certification is unique and I’m grateful to have played a part at these amazing experiences. As I write this, we’ve certified over 500 trainers all over the world. Australia, Germany, Holland and California are just a few of the marvelous places that this PCC journey has taken us (and to which PCC is returning!) But like Dorothy Gale noted in the 1939 classic motion picture The Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like home.”

You see, my brother and PCC lead instructor, Al Kavadlo are from the streets of New York. We were born and bred here. So was the Street Workout movement. It’s a very special homecoming as both our biological family and our progressive calisthenics family have their roots in this concrete jungle where dreams are made.


The bodyweight beasts who showed up to lay it all on the line this weekend were every bit as impressive as this city itself! Calisthenics freaks from around the world made their way to the downtown streets of Manhattan, venturing from all over the United States, and even from as far as India and South Africa.

Emotions ran high all weekend as many spectacular feats of human achievement were demonstrated. We were witness to mighty muscle-ups, spell binding human flags and rapid fire pistol squats. It’s truly amazing every time we get to join forces with like-minded people of your caliber. Together, we always bring out the best in each other.


Progressive Calisthenics is the great equalizer. No matter where you came from, or what your skill level is, you can find challenges, learn lessons and gain strength. We are not about competing with each other; we are about being the best versions of ourselves.


Along that note, we do not just improve physically when we train and play together. Nor do we simply gain education when we learn from each other. We also establish deep, impassioned connections during this shared experience. Beyond the realm of fitness and knowledge is a human interaction, which is arguably the most fantastical component of all. We love getting to know you!

There is no substitute for an in-person experience.

There is no substitute for an in-person experience.

As is always the case at PCC, an incredibly impressive group of women were in attendance. Anyone under the often-perpetrated misconception that bodyweight training is a boys’ club seriously needs to re-evaluate their position. Half the instructor team and a third of the attendees were empowered females. Like I said, Progressive Calisthenics is indeed the great equalizer!

The strong women of PCC.

The strong women of PCC.

Yes, we made many profound ties this weekend and built amazing friendships. We even brought PCC back home to New York City. But this weekend was especially wonderful for me for another reason: Sunday was Father’s Day. If you’ve read my first Dragon Door publication Everybody Needs Training, then you know that it was the birth of my son Wilson that inspired me to become a personal trainer in the first place. His existence gave me the desire to do some good for the world. Prior to this weekend, Wilson had seen me train (and trained alongside me) too many times to count, but he had never witnessed a Progressive Calisthenics Certification… until now!

Having both my father and son attend my seminar on Father’s Day was a very special experience.

Having both my father and son attend my seminar on Father’s Day was a very special experience.

My own parents made an appearance as well. Three generations of Kavadlos under one roof! It was an incredible feeling that they finally got to see what exactly Al and I do. There was also something else that made Father’s Day extra memorable in the PCC community: This was the first certification to have a father and son team in attendance. Together they shared the splendor. What a weekend!

Representing Team DiGrazia: The first father and son combo to tackle the PCC together.

Representing Team DiGrazia: The first father and son combo to tackle the PCC together.

It is indeed a family affair. In fact, everyone in attendance is now part of the global family of PCC. Welcome, my brothers and sisters! You are one of us! So spread the joy, preach the word and share your love of calisthenics. The posse’s gettin’ bigger.


Keep the dream alive,


Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s foremost authorities on calisthenics, nutrition and personal training. He is the author of the Dragon Door titles Strength Rules, Diamond-Cut Abs and Everybody Needs Training. Most recently, he co-authored Street Workout with his brother, Al Kavadlo. Danny is known for his minimalist philosophy, simple approach and motivational talents.

A true in-person experience, Danny is a Master Instructor for Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification. He has been featured in the NY Times, TRAIN, Men’s Fitness and is a regular contributor to Bodybuilding.com. Learn more about Danny at www.DannyTheTrainer.com

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