Progressive Calisthenics Returns To The West Coast!

by Danny Kavadlo on February 14, 2017

2017 Mountain View PCC

The date was Thursday, February 9. I rose at the crack of dawn, ready to board a plane from New York to San Francisco. I was intent on instructing, along with my brother Al Kavadlo, our fourth Progressive Calisthenics Certification in the Golden State of California. To say that I was excited would have been an epic understatement. My soul was on fire!

This three-day workshop, which covers all the Street Workout staples like push-ups, pistols, muscle-ups and more was scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Evolution Trainers, one of the Bay area’s premier training studios. The staff is world class, the facility is breath-taking and most importantly of all, the team of PCC participants slated to attend was absolutely top-notch!

Mountain View PCC 2017 Partner Pistols

But I almost didn’t get to meet them…

The evening before, a billowy blizzard fell over the North East. I woke up to find the city streets of Brooklyn, New York covered with over twelve inches of snow. Schools were closed, people called out of work, the trains were delayed and of course, the airline cancelled my flight. In fact, this airline cancelled all their flights out of John F. Kennedy airport.

But as those of you who’ve read STRENGTH RULES know, Rule # 10 of Danny’s Dos & Don’ts is “Don’t take No for an answer!” So I went to the airport anyway.

Amazingly (and slightly aggressively), I re-booked on a more sympathetic airline. After some persuasion, I was able to get on a flight scheduled to depart at 11:00am. At 6pm, I finally boarded the plane. At 7:30 I was in the air. Just before midnight, we finally touched down. HELLYEAH! Silicon Valley, here I come!

It is an incredible feeling to bring primitive movement and physical strength development to a part of the country so well known for specialized science and technological modernity. It’s a perfect union of cerebral innovation and primal instinct.


I cannot say enough kind words about this fantastic group of PCC candidates, who came from around the globe, hailing from across the United States and even as far as Brazil and Australia! As has become commonplace at these workshops, this tribe of calisthenic killers was not limited only to fitness trainers, martial artists and athletes, but was inclusive of everyday enthusiasts, like local tech professionals, physicians and working professionals. There was even a renowned journalist in the house! And of course, everybody there was a calisthenics freak! If you attend a Progressive Calisthenics certification, then no matter what your background is, you are one of us!

Support Press NICK

In classic PCC fashion, multiple PR’s and first time feats of strength were achieved. From flying human flags, to mighty muscle-ups, to stealthy hand balancing and bridge work, it was amazing to see everyone in the room get better and better as we trained together. In addition to the world-class coaching from the instructor team, the boundless energy of every single person in the room undoubtedly contributed to so much excellence.

This life-changing weekend flew by in the blink of a proverbial eye. I will miss my newfound brothers and sisters of the PCC family, but I know I’ll see them soon! This weekend lived up to and far exceeded my high expectations. There is truly nothing like an in person experience.

Congratulations to all the new PCC Instructors in the house. Welcome to the family!

The posse’s getting’ bigger,


PCC Mountain View 2017 GROUP

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