Technology Meets Minimalism in Silicon Valley

by Peter D'Epiro on October 6, 2015

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PCC Mountain View Lead Photo

For the first time since its inception, the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) touched down in the Bay Area, specifically Silicon Valley, California. The land of technological innovation and gadgets was introduced to primitive movement patterns and raw strength development, through the use of nothing more than one’s own bodyweight!

Hosted at the Bay Area’s premier fitness and performance training facility, Evolution Trainers, the beautiful California weather and custom built outdoor scaffolding jungle gym allowed for a wonderful combination of indoor and outdoor training throughout the course.

PCC Mountain View Outdoor

As has become commonplace at the PCC, the group of participants was an eclectic mix that included fitness trainers, military personnel, martial artists, teachers, local tech professionals, and calisthenics enthusiasts. Attendees came from the northern and southernmost ends of California, all over the United States, and even as far away as Hong Kong.

This class was unique for me. Having attended the very first PCC in Minneapolis over 2 years ago, I was back for this one as an assistant, which provided a unique vantage point on the curriculum relative to my first time around. Not having to focus on my own performance, aches, pains and anxiety about the Century Test, I was able to view the class as a whole. Seeing all the participants work on the various skills gave me a new and different sense of the incredible experience that is the PCC.

Dragon Door typically likes to track PR’s, when students are able to perform a skill for the first time. While a requisite amount of power and stability are needed to perform the various feats of strength at the PCC, it is amazing to watch attendees who genuinely cannot perform a skill, work through the progressions during the class, receive cues and coaching pointers, and ultimately succeed in execution. From pistol squats to muscle-ups to hand balancing, it was amazing to see everyone in the room get better together as the weekend went on!

PCC Mountain View Crow

Seeing this process in action validates the well thought out progressions and regressions of the curriculum. This highlights the knowledge, communication and teaching skills of Master Instructors Al and Danny Kavadlo, along with Team Leader Logan Christopher, who also lent his insights to this particular course. It was a pleasure to coach alongside such legendary talent.

PCC Mountain View Coaching

The PCC has evolved since its inception, yet still maintains a wonderfully positive and supportive atmosphere that leads to new friendships, professional connections and gains in physical strength. It is an incredibly fun and inspiring experience. Complimenting the technical insights this weekend were individual talks by both Al and Danny about the paths they’ve taken to the PCC, the principles of progression and program design. These talks are not only engaging, but further deepen and personalize an already powerful experience for the students.

All in all, this newly minted group of PCC instructors walked away with much more than a piece of paper declaring them “certified”. They left with new skills, new friends and membership in one of the most special and positive communities in the fitness arena.

PCC Mountain View Group Photo


About Pete D’Epiro: A fitness & performance coach in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years, Pete specializes in training the unique population that is the Silicon Valley executive/entrepreneur as well as junior athletes ranging from middle school to Division I scholarship athletes.  Pete also volunteers his time to Stew Smith’s non-profit Heroes of Tomorrow, providing free training to candidates preparing for careers in military special operations, law enforcement, & fire.  Most days of the year Pete can be found at the world-class training facility, Evolution Trainers (, in Mountain View, California.

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  • dannykavadlo

    Great article man! It really captures the amazing energy and spirit of the experience! Special thanks to you and Maria for making this such a spectacular weekend. Keep the dream alive!

  • Live Alpha

    Hey Pete! Thanks for the hospitality and for the time you and Maria gave us throughout the weekend. It truly was an amazing experience.

  • Eric Udell

    Pete, Kudos to you, Maria, and Evolution Trainers for a flawless weekend. The facility is outstanding and you and Maria were so on top of things we didn’t have to worry about anything other than learning calisthenics. You even dialed up near perfect weather! Thanks again, Eric Udell.

  • Looks like you guys had another GREAT CERT!!! 🙂 Congratulations to everyone!

  • Logan Christopher

    It was a great event and I was glad to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone involved.

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