How to Be “The Complete Package”—The Martial and Athletic Heritage of Explosive Calisthenics

by John Du Cane, CEO and founder, Dragon Door on March 19, 2015

Danny Kavadlo Superman

The greatest fitness writers grab you by the wrist—and yank you into a new vision of what it means to excel as a human being. These writers inspire you to transcend your self-imposed physical limitations and to fly high in your athletic aspirations. These writers open up whole new vistas of potentiality for you—and dare you to dream big.

These rare writers challenge you to separate yourself from the herd of also-ran followers—to become leaders, survivors and winners in the physical game of life. But they don’t just challenge and inspire you. They give you the means, the secrets, the science, the wisdom, the blueprints, the proven methods and the progressions—that make success inevitable, when you supply YOUR end in consistent, diligent, skillful application.

Al Kavadlo Angled Pike JumpThese writers each possess their own potent, soulful, visceral voice. They are artists in their expression. They resonate profoundly with their own distinct vibe. You can feel the implicit truth of their message in every sentence they write.

Now—sad to say—I don’t need all of my ten digits to count out the fitness writers who have rocked my world in this manner. And I’ll bet you don’t either… Such writers are as rare as the most iconic of athletes, the Michael Jordans of their domain…

And if God chopped off all of my digits, except for my right forefinger—and asked me to point at the greatest modern writer in fitness? Without a nanosecond’s of hesitation I would point at Paul Wade.

I pride myself at recognizing true excellence in the world of fitness writing—but I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement when I first laid eyes on Paul’s Convict Conditioning in September, 2008. CC had greatness stamped all over it. Here was a work that could change the fitness landscape big time—and most assuredly it did. Now a legendary international bestseller, Convict can lay claim to be the Great Instigator when it comes to the resurgence of interest in bodyweight exercise mastery.

And—while Convict Conditioning 2 cemented Paul’s position as the preeminent authority on bodyweight exercise—there is no doubt in my mind that his magisterial new accomplishment, Explosive Calisthenics is going to blow the doors off, all over again.

What makes Explosive Calisthenics so exciting—and so profound in its implications?

See, it goes back to the laws of brute survival. It’s not “Only the strongest shall survive”. No, it’s more like: “Only the strongest, quickest, most agile, most powerful and most explosive shall survive.” To be a leader and dominator and survivor in the pack, you need to be the complete package.

Traditional martial arts have always understood this necessity of training the complete package—with explosive power at an absolute premium. And resilience is revered: the joints, tendons, muscles, organs and nervous system are ALL conditioned for maximum challenge.

Really great athletes are invariably that way too: agile as all get-go, blinding speed, ungodly bursts of power, superhuman displays of strength, seemingly at will…

How do you excel as a martial artist, as an athlete—or really at almost anything? You excel by relentlessly building your foundation and fundamentals. You excel by relentlessly practicing the skills it takes to master the moves. No one gets great by half-hearted, inconsistent application or by employing some special “hack” that’s going to magically transform you into a monster. Get real.

Luciano Acuna Jr. Flash Kick

Note the word “skill.” The foundation and fundamentals center first around the building of power and speed. But Explosive Calisthenics does a masterful job of elucidating the skill-practices needed to safely prepare for and master the more ambitious moves.

So, Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be winners and survivors in the game of life. Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be the Complete Package: Powerful, Explosive, Strong, Agile, Quick and Resilient.

But—the hallmark of greatness— Explosive Calisthenics doesn’t just inspire you with the Dream of being the Complete Package. It gives you the complete blueprint, every detail and every progression you could possibly want and need to NAIL YOUR DREAM and make it a reality. YOU, the Complete Package—it’s all laid out for you step by step.

Danny Kavadlo Swing DipFrankly, I shake my head at Paul Wade’s brilliance…the wisdom and sheer practicality…the compelling authoritativeness… the clarity. There’s been an enduring conspiracy theory that I am actually Paul Wade. That I secretly wrote Convict Conditioning and concocted a whole trumped-up marketing shtick to sell it with. Too funny! But, God, if only I could be that brilliant myself!

I am aware of how many hundreds of thousands of people around the world are now stronger and healthier as a result of Paul Wade’s first two volumes in the Convict Conditioning series. That’s wonderful to know and to contemplate. I am proud to have helped get the message out.

Now—for those who have the balls and the will and the fortitude to take it on—comes the next stage: Explosive Calisthenics. The chance not only to be strong and healthy but to ascend to the Complete Package. If you want it, then here it is…

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