by John Du Cane, CEO and founder, Dragon Door on June 14, 2016

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Danny Kavadlo and Al Kavadlo

Life is mysterious. Small acts blaze up into wild firestorms. The glimmer of a slight desire transforms into an incandescent passion that seems to light the world. A single thought triggers a raging torrent of ideas. A casual encounter leads to the deepest of bonds. The force of creation sparks new patterns of beauty and insight. Webs of interconnection form beneath the surface of our understanding.

We wonder why we do what we do, from where we came and to where we go…

Of such stuff has been my friendship with two remarkable men, the brothers Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo…

It was Paul Wade who nudged the Kavadlos into my consciousness for the first time. A couple of rangy, flamboyant, tat-drenched, muscular misfits who decked out Convict Conditioning 2 with their calisthenic stylings. Their Human Flag—set in the same Alcatraz rec yard once haunted by Al Capone and The Birdman—signaled that a new band had crashed the stage…

Convict Conditioning Vol 2

And it was Paul Wade again who made the next nudge—recommending Al’s writing to me and suggesting that I consider publishing him. So I checked Al out…

What I discovered was not just Al himself, but a whole nother world…

I discovered that Al was an artist whose preferred medium is his own body. Calisthenics means “beautiful movement” and Al re-creates himself daily, on that basis, as on ongoing artwork. Now, artworks need a setting in which to best display themselves—and that setting becomes an extension of the artwork. In his case, Al chooses to display himself against the gritty graffiti, scaffolding and distressed brick of down-and-dirty, “street” NYC. Al’s favorite workout spot? Tompkins Square Park—where the doors have been ripped off the toilets to cut down on the fix-traffic of local junkies…

As part of his art, Al cultivates a smiling, happy Zen-guy look—even when performing some of the toughest moves on the planet, like the one-arm pull-up or the front lever. Yet simmering beneath that Zen smile is a fierce will, a formidable drive and a fanatical commitment to doing things just right. As with almost all great performers, Al’s rust never sleeps…

That other world that Al is a portal to? That would be the culture and international network called “Street Workout”. If Al’s immediate setting is New York, his global context can be defined by those two words…He and his brother Danny represent the street workout ethos to the max. Their book, Street Workout, is not only a paean to this movement but is sure to become that movement’s Bible…

Street Workout Book Cover

As a publisher with a passion to share the best-of-the-best when it comes to the realm of physical cultivation, I like to work with authors who are the “complete package”. The author as “complete package” combines many, many attributes: they bring innovation and insight to the table. They are creative, thorough and inquisitive. They walk their talk and look the part. They are natural leaders. They are relentless and skilled self-promoters. Their writing style scintillates with their individual, distinct, differentiated voice. They have a strong and loyal following. They know their stuff inside out, but remain open to new ideas and input. They are passionate about every aspect of their craft and their physical practice. And finally, they are a joy to work with.

Rare to find? Yes. Very. Tall order? Yes. Very. Got some such “complete packages”? Why…yes, yes, I do…and Al Kavadlo is one of them…

So I both applaud myself and feel fortunate to have taken Paul’s hint and signed on Al as a Dragon Door author. Talk about small acts that blaze up into firestorms… We have gone on to publish a series of wonderful titles with Al: Raising the Bar, Pushing the Limits, Stretching Your Boundaries and Zen Mind, Strong Body. And now, the monumental Street Workout he has co-authored with brother Danny…

It’s not much of a surprise, then, that when Paul Wade and I were looking for a natural born leader for our Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) program, we chose Al… who in turn recruited Danny to fellow-preach the new bodyweight exercise gospel.

Right from the get-go Al and Danny knocked the PCC ball out of the park. From its launch in June 2013, the PCC has become the undisputed gold standard for calisthenics training—nothing else comes close. And there is no question in my mind that it will remain THE place to go for the finest bodyweight exercise instruction, globally. Al and Danny’s deep passion, humility, care, graciousness, kindness, knowledge and skill have inspired hundreds upon hundreds of practitioners to go forth and spread the good word about the wonders of calisthenic cultivation. It’s a great thing to behold…

Al Kavadlo Pull-Up Demo UK PCC

Street Workout is saturated with the vibe and brilliant teachings I have experienced from Al and Danny at every workshop I have attended. And you’ll see phenomenal photographs taken in almost all the countries they’ve taught in, be it Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, England, Australia, China, Holland or the USA… “Rich” doesn’t begin to describe the breadth and depth of the creative artistry of the illustrations—off the charts.

Now, one of the best things that has happened in my life is to count Mister Danny Kavadlo as a good friend—and to watch the rise and rise of this great man within the Dragon Door community. And how remarkable is it to have two brothers who can both live up to my “complete package” descriptor? Because Danny is most certainly also the “complete package”.

A perfect foil for Grandmaster Al, Danny’s menacing scowl, bristling musculature, stacked intensity and punkoid posturing belie a heart of gold and a deep-felt love for his fellow humans. When Danny does smile, he lights up the room. When Danny’s booming cadence penetrates the room with his urgent inflections, it’s an outright delight to watch the fire of his passion ignite his students. So good…so good…

And like brother Al, what a coach! Danny celebrates every achievement of every student with an infectious, ecstatic roar that rings with authentic excitement and happiness for their accomplishment. Like Al, Danny squeezes greatness from his clients with his care-infused observations and skillful cueing. No one interacts with Danny without leaving enriched…

Danny Kavadlo Teaching At PCC

Yes, Danny has his demons—don’t we all—but he is the ultimate celebrator of life. I have joked that Danny would see the worst situation as a “glass one-tenth full”—but mostly his glass appears to be more like “nine-tenths full”. Love it!

Danny is also a multifaceted artist, a creator, an instigator of transformation and a very literate gentleman. All three of his previous titles with Dragon Door, Everybody Needs Training, Diamond-Cut Abs and Strength Rules have shone with his distinct, flamboyant creativity. Danny knows how to plunge to the nitty-gritty of what’s really real in the fraud-filled fitness biz. He savages the flimflam of the supplement and packaged foods industry, in a way that is to-the-point, convincing and simultaneously amusing. He nails what you really need to do in your workouts to get real, lasting results—and keep on getting them.

And talk about “walking the walk”… Danny is a striding billboard for what the physical cultivation artist can achieve with calisthenics alone. Danny’s a specimen all right—but he radiates “hard-earned”. Brutally honest about all the training and diet follies he’s fallen for in his earlier years, Danny’s own body is his own best proof he’s got this training thing figured out finally!

Many years in gestation and many years in the making, Street Workout is the brothers’ first collaboration in print. The two of them are a rock star act at the PCC workshops. But a book is a whole nother kettle of fish… Each brother has their very distinct personality, writing style and presentation method. To successfully merge two great artistic talents into one cohesive text is a major feat.

Well, I’m here to report that the brothers have pulled it off…

Street Workout is one of those landmark titles that define a genre—the treasured lodestone and must-have reference for hardcore fans and raw beginners alike. The brothers bring it—and then some. I can tell that their trenchwork teaching at the dozens of worldwide PCCs, their previous experience authoring Dragon Door titles, their consistent engagement through blogs and articles with their constituency, and their constant absorption of new perspectives has elevated both their games to dizzying heights.

Al and Danny have listened well and grown accordingly. They have given and given so much—and have received back in equal measure. Street Workout is the fruit of that splendid dynamic.

Whether it be the section on foundational progressions for push, pull, squat, flex and bridge… Whether it be the section on the skills and “tricks” you need to achieve floor holds, bar moves and the human flag… Whether it be the section on programming that covers assessments, street workout and training templates…—all is systematically revealed, with a mix of clarity, precision, intelligence, creativity, humor and pizzazz that have become the brothers’ hallmark.

Congratulations on your masterpiece, Al and Danny—and thank you for being in my life…

John Du Cane
Founder and CEO, Dragon Door Publications

Street Workout Book Announcement

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  • Mohammed

    A question for Al:

    In a previous post, you answered my question with “The numbers for the Century test represent a good baseline to shoot for before trying anything too intense. That’s 40 squats, 30 push-ups, 20 hanging knee raises and 10 pull-ups (all continuous, unbroken sets). As for other exercises, a full chart will be included in my next book with suggested rep ranges for many other calisthenics staples.”

    Is this that book?

    • It sure is! 🙂

      • Mohammed

        Great, thanks!

  • Richatd Smith

    Hi guy, can’t wait to check this out! Also, this is a big of a random question but I was just wondering about Danny’s pose on the front cover – do you guys ever practice arm-wrestling?

    • We used to arm wrestle when we were kids but it’s been a while. 🙂

  • 囚徒健身

    That’s great! I like the book. By the way. Could I translate this article into chinese and put it on WeChat? I want to share it with more frends. Maybe after they read my article, most of them will buy this book. And we all expect PCC will come to China second time.

    • John Du Cane

      Yes, I give you permission to translate my piece into Chinese and post on WeChat. And yes we will be coming back to China soon for another PCC:)

    • Thanks! Spread the word!

  • Matt Schifferle

    Oh boy! oh boy! oh Boy! oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gotta get my hands on it pronto! Congrats to Both Al & Danny on your book. The calisthenics community continues to grow!

    • Thanks, Matt! You’re going to love it!

    • Danny Kavadlo

      The posse’s gettin’ bigger!

  • Paramesvara Dasa

    I have downloaded this and have had the opportunity to skim the table of contents. This tome is truly impressive. It seems like it will function perfectly as a stand-alone or as a type of ‘master key’ for unlocking the hidden aspects of CC. Progressive calisthenics has been around for thousands of years, and though Coach, Danny, and Al are not presenting anything new, the codified approach developed through the focused presentation of their collective intelligence has unlocked the ways means of entering into this training lifestyle. Street Workout owns.

    • Thanks, Paramesvara! I’m so glad you are enjoying the book!

    • Danny Kavadlo

      Can YOu DIG IT!!!!!

      • Paramesvara Dasa

        Hey Danny, do you know if this will this be released as a physical book at some point? The .pdf’s are nice to get instant access, but the physical version is so much more useful for actual training.

  • Congrats Al and Danny! This book is very very awesome!!! 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to check it out in even more detail

    • Thanks, Adrienne!

    • Danny Kavadlo

      YEAHHHH!!!! Thanks ADrienne! You contributed a few photos to this one 🙂
      See you in a few days!

      • AHA!!! I thought a few of those seemed very familiar! Always proud to help! 🙂

  • RedTed

    Awesome write up and I’m 100% confident that it is an awesome book! I’ll be ordering the digi copy now and the print copy as soon as available. What a great Wednesday 🙂

    • John Du Cane

      Excellent to hear!

      • Danny Kavadlo

        Thanks for the support! Keep the dream alive!

  • Eric Udell

    I’m excited for both of you, Al & Danny, and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy…but I want something I can really lay my hands on. Any idea when the print version might be ready? How about taking pre-orders on the print version?

    • Danny Kavadlo

      Hey Eric!
      Great to hear from you! The print version will be available this summer although we do not have a specific date as of yet. I am old school like you, brother! I always like to have a physical copy to hold as well. Stay strong amigo!

      • Eric Udell

        Will do, Danny. You too, brother! Thanks for keeping the dream alive! 😉

    • John Du Cane

      Late early or early August…and the physical copy is a must have… We won’t be taking preorders…

      • Eric Udell

        Thanks, John. I’ll be on the lookout for it and hope to get a copy that is still hot off the press!

  • Matthew

    Hay Al, the book sounds cool, any chance of you bringing some hard copies to PCC
    Australia in September, or is the suit case too full?

    • I will not personally be bringing any books with me, but hopefully Dragon Door can arrange to have books available. See you in Sept!

    • John Du Cane


      See what we can do:)

  • Mohammed

    Hard copies on Amazon UK in near future?

    • Danny Kavadlo

      Hey Mohammed,
      Hard copy will be available at some point this summer. Pick up the kindle for now. Thanks for the support my friend!!!!

      • Mohammed

        That’d be ideal, but since I also have to buy other books, I don’t think I can spare the cash to buy both versions. Unless I only have to pay the difference in price between the e-book and hard copy when I pick up the hard copy later?

    • John Du Cane

      The hard copies will only be available from either Dragon Door or Amazon US, at least for now. Probably late July…

      • Mohammed

        Great, look forward to it!

  • martymonster

    Hi Guys,
    Fan F’ing tastic! Love the shot of Al doing a front lever off Danny’s forearm. That was worth the cost of buying the book right there.
    Looking forward to reading and groking the message.
    FYI. I’m proud to say I’ve been nailing some clutch flags recently. Moving onto press flags now. You guys are an inspiration. Hugs and squelchy kisses all round.

    • John Du Cane

      Fabulous Marty!

  • As you’d expect from the brothers, this book is the real deal. My Kindle version has been read all the way through in only two sittings because I had trouble putting it down.

    A truly fabulous read and wishing Danny and Al continued success.

    • Thanks, Carl!

    • Danny Kavadlo

      Thanks for the support my friend. It was great meeting up with you!

  • Mattias Östergren

    I usually train in my garage, but last Thursday I decided, inspired after flicking through my copy of Street Wotkout, to do my usual routine a little differently. I found a spot right next to my office where I did my handstand and bridge work. I could not have anticipated the amount of positive attention this generated! A colleague that just happen to pass by joined me, cheered me on, an counted the reps, and timed my holds. It was good fun and it really made me focus and give it all. I think that this and the fact that I did the exercises in a slightly different environment made me exceptionally sore…
    Anyway I will carefully read the book and definitely do more street workouts. Well done!

    • What a great story! Maybe your coworker will join in on the workout next time. 🙂

  • Phil Larsen

    question, just bought the e-book street workout. in the second chapter the statement is made that if your body mass is going up but your pushups are going down are you really getting stronger. Implying that you are not. Why would you not be getting stronger. If your body mass is going up you are pushing more weight for each push-up. No different than staying the same weight and adding an outside resistance (weight vest, chains, etc) to make the push-up harder. ???

    • If your reps are going down while weight goes up it means you are not gaining functional mass. We believe pound for pound strength is the truest measure.

  • Aleks Salkin

    Bought it.
    Read it.

    Review coming soon.

    • Awesome! Looking forward to your review, Aleks! 🙂

    • Danny Kavadlo

      Thanks Hammer!

  • Handerson Lanzillotta

    Top top

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