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by Adrienne Harvey on June 30, 2015

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Al and Danny Kavadlo with Senior PCC Adrienne Harvey

After the first ever Progressive Calisthenics Certification Workshop in the UK (Newcastle England), Al, Danny, and I agreed that while every PCC workshop has been fantastic—including the very first one in St. Paul, MN just a little over 2 years ago—it seems like each and every one continues to improve. By now, the news about the PCC and Convict Conditioning has spread around the world, allowing Dragon Door to bring this information to even more locations. While the Newcastle PCC was the very first held in the United Kingdom, it’s already very apparent that will be the first of many.

It is always an extreme honor to have the opportunity to teach, coach, and contribute a little of my own experience to the PCC. And when the participants are so eager, prepared, and able to instantly understand and apply the cues and information, then it is that much more rewarding! This group brought so much strength, skill, and bravery that every participant had at least one major PR. More importantly, they also had insights and realizations which will exponentially increase their value and effectiveness as instructors.

The overall strength of everyone in the group was demonstrated with the unprecedented lists of groundbreaking personal achievements. A full 1/3 of the group performed their very first human flags at the workshop! Among the other standout first time accomplishments were six first one arm push-ups, fifteen first clutch flags and even a first one arm pull-up!

One Arm Pull-up PCC UK

While almost everyone attending the Newcastle PCC was a fitness instructor, trainer, or fitness business owner, there were a few highly dedicated enthusiasts in attendance as well. I am always impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of these participants, many of who may be stepping far outside the usual territory of their day job. It seems successful professionals in all fields recognize the value, efficiency, and convenience of bodyweight exercise as taught at the PCC.

The large group of well-prepared participants included an impressive number of women. Far from being intimidated, these women were strong, did pull-ups, and performed advanced variations of nearly every exercise.

PCC UK Ladies

GymNRG was already an ideal location for the PCC (including a custom indoor pull up apparatus that I would LOVE to duplicate), but host Steven Hope went the extra mile and had a scaffolding structure erected just behind the studio. For the first time ever (even the weather cooperated) we were able to hold the flag and muscle-up portion of the workshop outdoors on this optimal setup.

This authentically reproduced “street workout” setup was further put to the test when Barstarrz athlete, Stephen Hughes-Landers (Lambarstarzz), Adrian Harrington, and Fitz Dubova performed some impromptu freestyle demos for us after the workshop.

Renos Panagidis and I with Barstarrz World Champion, Stephen Hughes-Landers

Renos Panagidis and I with Barstarrz World Champion, Stephen Hughes-Landers

I am proud of each and every one of the newly certified PCC Instructors (as well as those who need to complete their video tests), especially since they will now be representing our PCC program and hopefully encouraging others to train in this fun and effective way.

PCC UK Group


Adrienne Harvey, Senior PCC Instructor, RKC-II, CK-FMS, has been RKC Certified since 2010, and RKC Level 2 certified since 2011. Kettlebell and bodyweight training have been crucial in Adrienne’s personal quest for fitness.  A core member of the PCC team, Adrienne loves sharing her knowledge with small groups and individuals. She also loves to develop recipes and workout programs to further support performance, body composition, and of course—FUN. Go to http://www.giryagirl.com for more information about Adrienne.

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  • martymonster

    Hi Adrienne,
    Fantastic results again. BTW. Great clutch flag, no sign of strain at all.
    Would have loved to see the Barstarz boys in action. Do you have any video of trhem going for it?

    • This is why you need to be there in person next time, Marty! 🙂

    • Thanks Marty! 🙂 🙂 It’s funny I love to try and make the moves look as effortless as possible for the camera. Those Barstarrz guys are SO INSPIRING! Hope to see you at a future workshop soon! 🙂

  • Damn, I can’t believe there were so many PRs broken here!

    Newcastle PCCs = LEGENDS

  • Matt Schifferle

    Damn! This is the next British invasion!

    Stuff like this just proves how strong people are the world over. As the PCC reaches the far corners of the globe its proof that calisthenics is thriving and knows no bounds for who and where it can’t reach.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few years we’ll have pictures of someone doing a pistol squat or elbow lever on the peak of Mt. Everest!

    • John Du Cane

      The Brits represented in a very powerful way, Matt, no question. Helluva group!

  • Ricky Hastings

    I am still buzzing from those 3 days massive thanks to everyone involved again .It was amazing all the instructors and fellow participants were all so helpful without everyone’s encouragement and cheering I’m sure I wouldn’t have passed the century test.As a 40 year old man I proud to say I feel like a child again with so many skills to learn .Amazing books amazing course ..Proud to be a PCC instructor. ..

  • Great to see the PCC coming to my home country. Sounds like it was a pretty epic workshop!

    • Epic is right! 🙂 Your country was very well represented! 🙂 🙂

  • Jason A.

    What an amazing three days! I did it to find my own place in my training… turns out I didn’t do too bad although I have a bit of home work to do! I kind of fancied trying Al’s signature bridge but maybe that would have been a step too far… Danny is a big guy!

    Seeing everyone go from “Wow, that looks intimidating – I can’t do it!” to “Wow, that is intimidating but I understand and can do it!”, while also learning the skills to share and inspire others, was a fantastic experience. The energy flowing through the group took on a life of its own; strong hearts, able minds, epic strength – the power of PCC!

    Great article Adrienne! Good to meet you and the team. Stay strong!

    • So glad you were there — seems like you got a LOT out of it too! 🙂 Let us know how your training continues to progress! 🙂

  • renos panagidis

    It was an amazing experience. All the instructors and the fellow participants were all so helpful.Top level training style.Prood to be pcc family member.Andrienne you are amazing!!!

    • Thanks Renos! We were extremely impressed at your skills!!

  • Ross Ryles

    Sounds like I missed an amazing weekend. Do you have any plans to take the SCC on tour? I’d be first in line for a Newcastle SCC course.

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