Vibrancy, Athletic Skill and Diversity: The Hallmarks of Dragon Door’s PCC Candidate

by John Du Cane, CEO and founder, Dragon Door on September 3, 2013


Al Kavaldo, Danny Kavadlo, Adrienne Harvey and I were remarking appreciatively to each other about the extraordinary athleticism and the great diversity of the candidates at our second PCC workshop (and the first PCC, for that matter).

The athletic skill level was often off the charts. And yet even the most skillful of the candidates found themselves busting out PRs and discovering new challenges to inspire them forward in their ongoing quest for physical development.

Korean dip

In what other workshop of 21 participants would you encounter this number of Personal Records?:

First Clutch Flag—13

First Full Human Flag—5

First Muscle Up—4

First Full Back Bridge—5

First Back Lever—8

First Elbow Lever—7

First 1-Arm Elbow Lever—1

First 1-Arm Push Up—3

First 1-Arm, 1-Leg Push Up—3

First Freestanding Handstand—2

First Stand-to-Stand Bridge—1

First Wall-Assisted 1-Arm Handstand—3

First Wall-Assisted, No-Arm Headstand—9

First clutch flag attempt

How can this be?

Well, to my mind, this is how:

  • The candidates came VERY prepared.
  • The candidates often had extensive backgrounds in related disciplines like Martial Arts, Yoga, and RKC.
  • The PCC system of careful progressions and cueing allowed surprising breakthroughs in physical achievement, almost as a matter of course.
  • The candidates themselves were encouraged to share their own strength-skill secrets with the group—and often advance each other’s progress exponentially.
  • The teachers taught from an immense experiential knowledge base—allowing them to convey the absolute nitty-gritty of what works to get results.
  • The fun, easy, supportive team-feeling of the event enhanced the learning experience immeasurably.
  • The 600-page-plus manual contained a goldmine of extra tips to leapfrog your athletic progress—It’s the best work of its kind ever put in print, no question.

First Muscle-up

So, you might be asking yourself—“Do I belong in the PCC?”

You belong, in my opinion, if you possess any of the following:

  • A burning passion to excel athletically.
  • A willingness to work hard AND skillfully at your physical practice.
  • The capacity to enjoy the company of other like-minded bodyweight exercise enthusiasts for three fun-filled days.
  • The humility and wisdom of a Beginner’s Mind and the willingness to drop your ego at the front door.
  • The physical preparedness to pass The Century test.


Yes, many of the PCC candidates exhibit eye-popping strength and flexibility skills. Terrific. However the PCC is built to sustain YOUR individual quest for physical development—at whatever level you enter. It’s your body and your life—and the PCC is here to help you make it the BEST body and the BEST life…for YOU.

Interested? We look forward to welcoming you into what we consider the most vibrant new movement of physical culture on the planet. See you soon, we hope… 🙂

Yours in strength,


John Du Cane, CEO

Dragon Door Publications, Inc.

First Back Lever

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