Welcome to the launch of Dragon Door’s official blog for Progressive Calisthenics!

by John Du Cane, CEO and founder, Dragon Door on January 17, 2013

What are the two most remarkable events in the history of Dragon Door?

The first event was Dragon Door’s launch of the modern kettlebell movement and in particular the world’s first-ever kettlebell instructor certification program, the RKC in 2001. The impact worldwide has been astonishing and a joy to behold.

However, another event occurred in 2009 that may prove to have an equivalent impact on world fitness to Dragon Door’s championing of the kettlebell.

And that would be the launch of Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning bodyweight exercise program. Convict Conditioning stormed to #1 bestseller status and has become Dragon Door’s most successful title of all time.


Why has Convict Conditioning become THE Bible for serious bodyweight exercise practitioners?

More than anything, it is because of Paul Wade’s brilliant system of progressions, based around six core exercises for supreme survival strength: pushups, pullups, squats, hanging leg raises, bridges and handstand pushups. With Paul’s progressions, you can begin with minimal ability and realistically, safely stack strength on strength—until you are as functionally strong as you could ever want to be. And then some…

The fitness world took notice—and history is being made as we speak.

Now, Dragon Door and Paul Wade are presenting an opportunity for trainers and bodyweight exercise enthusiasts worldwide to plunge deeper into the Convict Conditioning programs, with the Progressive Calisthenics Certification Workshop—to both master the progressions personally and be qualified to teach them to others.

If there is a white-hot trend in fitness right now, it’s bodyweight strength training. Athletes of all kinds are looking to the toughest, most brutally productive calisthenics techniques to spice up their workouts. We’re talking one-arm push-ups, pistols, pull-ups, handstands and hanging levers…

Sadly, there has been no international industry standard for bodyweight strength training instruction. Until now, with Dragon Door’s Progressive Calisthenics Certification Workshop.

To ensure that the bodyweight exercise community worldwide has a go-to educational resource to support their interest, Dragon Door is establishing the Progressive Calisthenics Blog. We intend this to become THE blog for high-level, practical, cutting edge articles and videos on all things bodyweight.

Besides regular contributions from Dragon authors Paul Wade and Al Kavadlo, expect to see some of the top names in bodyweight contribute their expertise.

The sky will be limit and we invite you to join the ride…

All the best in your training,

John Du Cane, CEO of Dragon Door Publications

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